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Elevating Bridal Boutique Leadership and Team Excellence for BBG Members

At Better Bridal Group (BBG), we proudly present “Engaged,” our exclusive membership program designed to empower bridal boutique owners like you. We understand the challenges you face in managing your business, team, and customer experiences. That’s why Engaged is tailored to provide the tools and training necessary for you to focus on the bigger picture while ensuring excellence at every operational level.

Transform Your Business Leadership

Engaged is more than just a training program; it’s a comprehensive growth journey for you and your team. Here’s how we support you:

Strong Leadership Development

Learn how to lead effectively, inspire your team, and create a positive work culture that drives success.

Hiring and Firing

Master the art of building the perfect team, from making smart hiring decisions to knowing when and how to let go.

Delegation Mastery

Unlock the potential of delegation, enabling you to focus on strategic planning and business growth.

Effective Team Meetings

Discover how to conduct productive meetings that motivate your team and streamline operations.

Financial Acumen

Better understand your boutique’s finances, helping you make informed decisions for sustained profitability.


Continuously grow with our resources, keeping you updated and ahead in the bridal industry

Interactive and Supportive Learning Platforms

With Engaged, learning is dynamic and interactive:

Monthly Calls for Owners: Engage in monthly calls exclusively for boutique owners, focusing on high-level strategies and peer support.
Bi-Monthly Calls for Managers and Stylists: Regular calls for your team, covering various aspects of bridal retail management and customer service excellence.
Monthly Mastermind Group: Collaborate, share experiences, and learn from fellow members in our mastermind group sessions.
PLUS Training Series: A curated series of training modules covering a wide range of topics essential for bridal boutique success.

Learn from Industry Experts

We bring you insights from the best in the business:

Keynote Speaker Videos: Access professional videos of keynote speakers from our 2019 and 2020 seminars, featuring industry experts like Alan Berg, Mary Shores, and Pam Moore. Dive deep into topics like effective selling, communication strategies, and leveraging social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest.

Join the “Engaged” Waitlist and Transform Your Bridal Boutique

Are you ready to take your bridal boutique to new heights? To lead with confidence, empower your team, and create unforgettable bridal experiences? Join Engaged and be part of a community that’s committed to your success.

Elevate your bridal business with Engaged. Apply now and start your journey to excellence.

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