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Building a Community of Trust and Growth

Welcome to Better Bridal Group (BBG), a beacon of innovation and support in the bridal boutique world. Founded in 2006 by the visionary Jon Saltzman, BBG has transformed the landscape of bridal fashion and wedding dresses, offering a nurturing community for bridal gown retailers. In 2016, Michelle McFarland assumed the role of President, further solidifying BBG’s commitment to excellence and innovation.

Michelle McFarland, President

At the core of BBG’s ethos is the idea of creating a safe, collaborative environment. Our president, Michelle McFarland, a testament to BBG’s transformative power, joined the group in 2007. Since then, her journey from owning The Wedding Shoppe in Berkley, Michigan, to becoming a renowned figure in bridal retail, illustrates the profound impact of BBG. Michelle’s leadership, coupled with her roles in the NBRA and Ivoryology Bridal, drives our mission forward.

Angie Oven

Angie Oven owns The Bridal Gallery in Salem Oregon.  She bought her store in 2007 and joined the Better Bridal Group shortly after that.  Her career as a business banker and her military experience in the US Air Force makes her a diverse business owner with a breadth of experience.  She is also the lead business adviser for her local Small Business Development Center and is passionate about coaching entrepreneurs in all industries but her true love is the bridal business. 

Angie is a self proclaimed data nerd and loves the numbers and operations side of any business that she is working with.  She loves gardening, cooking, and spending time with her bridal besties in sunny parts of the country! 

Lori Losee, Executive Concierge

Meet Lori Losee, the fabulous force behind BBG as the Executive Concierge since October 2020! Lori is no stranger to the wedding planning scene; she’s been crafting dream weddings since 2005, sprinkling her magic across Seattle.

Not content with just orchestrating weddings, Lori decided to dive into the virtual world in 2020, launching her Social Media Management and Virtual Assistant business, The Social Attendant. With almost two decades of experience in the wedding industry, Lori is like a fairy godmother for wedding professionals, offering support and expertise that sparkles with passion.

Beyond the hustle and bustle of day-to-day operations at BBG, Engaged, and NBRA, Lori thrives on witnessing the growth of businesses she touches. She’s the secret sauce that makes dreams come true and businesses flourish!

When Lori isn’t busy waving her magic wand for BBG, she’s caught up in the whirlwind of family life, attending sporting events, and cheering on the Seattle Mariners.

A Unique Space for Bridal Boutique Owners

BBG stands as the longest-running group of independent bridal retail professionals focused exclusively on education and mutual support. Free from the influence of industry manufacturers and online stores, BBG provides a 501(c)(3) non-profit platform where you can confidently discuss and develop strategies for your bridal boutique. Whether it’s navigating the intricacies of bridal fashion or mastering the art of selling wedding dresses, BBG is your go-to resource.

Feeling isolated or overwhelmed in your bridal boutique business?

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