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BBG is a necessity to me and to my business! I can’t imagine where my business would be without it. We struggled through the terrible economy in 2009 moving into 2010 and 2011, hanging on month by month and year by year. Somehow I heard about BBG and joined in 2011 and went to my first BBG conference in November 2011. Amazingly, things started turning around in November of 2011 and we have just continued to increase every month and every year since. Was it a coincidence? Would that have happened without BBG and the conferences? I have no idea, I just know that my first conference was also the same month my business started turning around and we have never looked back.

Not only do I credit BBG and the smart owners who are willing to share everything with the success of my business, I also cannot say enough about the friendships I have built through BBG. These women are smart and savvy. They don’t blame others for their failures, instead they look within and make the necessary changes to improve their businesses. I respect them for treating their shops like a business, not a hobby. I cherish all of the time I spend with them and talking to them and couldn’t go a month without connecting with these ladies on a regular basis both by the forum, the Facebook page, phone, texting and seeing each other. In twenty-five years in the business, I haven’t found another group that means as much to me as BBG.

Kristin Carlson

Bridal Elegance, Grand Rapids, Michigan

After 11 years of being members of BBG I can say that this group has proven to be the best thing for my business. Being able to surround yourself with the best, most progressive store owners is priceless. The first thing I put on my calendar every year is the Annual BBG Conference. I have learned so much about running my business and made lifelong friends in the process. I feel like I could call any one of the members and ask their advice about any situation. Thanks BBG, you have a lifelong member in me!

Jennifer Walker

Charlotte's Bridal and Formal Wear, La Crosse, Wisconsin

When I opened my bridal boutique, I had no bridal experience and had never owned my own business. Before joining the BBG, I was just operating by my own instincts. Since being a BBG member, I feel more secure knowing that there are other stores with the same challenges and issues that I have had through the years. Two biggest benefits of being a BBG member has been the friends and camaraderie that I have made and the wealth of business/bridal knowledge acquired from this Group. Everything I have learned about the bridal business has come from this Group and has kept me in business.

Frances Reed

Distinct Elegance, Cedar Hill, Texas

I cannot say enough good things about the BBG group! This is an industry where shop owners tend to be very protective of their information, and not very willing to share, and that’s what makes this group so AMAZING! BBG is comprised of smart, savvy owners who know their stuff, and want to help each other grow. It’s a place to share information, and a place to go when you have a question. It’s basically a think-tank of the best minds in this industry, and I’m delighted to be a part of it! This organization has helped me grow my business in so many ways; with new ideas, support, and encouragement, and not to mention the amazing friends I’ve made. It’s so important to invest in yourself AND your business, and between the BBG forum and the spectacular seminars, this is the place to do just that!

Amanda Cover

Bombshell Bridal, St. Clair Shores, Michigan

I am not only a newer shop (celebrating 2 years in January) but I am working and wearing all hats. I have no employees and run a unique setup. Joining BBG helps me feel like I am not alone when it comes to questions when dealing with suppliers or brides. Its an amazing opportunity to learn from other small business leaders across the country that have been in the industry for over 25 years which means they have seen the high’s and the low’s. That means they know how to survive and having this community is a lifeline when I feel like I can’t. If only I knew about BBG when I opened, my first year would have been so different!!


Your Dream Bridal, Sudbury, Massachusetts

I’ve been a BBG member for nearly eight years. The changes that I’ve made in my store as a result of the advice that I’ve received from other owners is largely immeasurable. From an improved commission plan to job descriptions to tips on improving relations with my vendors – these are just a few of the positive changes I’ve made. One operational change that I implemented two years ago following the annual BBG conference resulted in additional revenue of over $20,000 in just the first year! BBG has helped me grow my business and given me confidence when putting new policies in place as well as provided me with tools that have improved not just top line sales but drastically changed my overall bottom line.

Thank you to the owners that share selflessly and are willing to mentor and give back to other stores in order to ensure the health of the bridal industry as a whole.

Angie Oven

The Bridal Gallery, Salem, Oregon

The BBG has been by far the best move we made since we got into the Bridal Industry. First and foremost, the organization itself as a whole has so much to offer. The fact that everyone is part of a team with one mission, to learn and grow their business exponentially. To be part of a group of shop owners that are willing to share all their trade secrets, lessons they’ve learned from years of experience is an honor. The Yearly Seminar is a great way to build strong relationships with other shops across the country in order to keep up with changes in this industry. With all the learning material that is offered and irreplaceable positive energy, one goes back to their shop all PUMPED up. Personally, the advice and knowledge we have been given has definitely saved us from making HUGE mistakes that would have cost us years to make up.

Ameer & Eugene Awadeh

European Bridal, Bergen, NJ

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